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APU International School

Da Nang, Vietnam
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    Preference : Both NES & NNES
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    Salary : VND 46,300,000 - 75,000,000 / month
Start Work : Aug 2024

Highlights :

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    Job Type Full-time
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    Education Bachelor degree
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    B.ED./ PGCE / iPGCE Preferred
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    Experience 2 years
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    Major Education
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    Gender Any

We are currently recruiting the following positions for the 2024-25 school year.

Computer Science Teacher
Music Teacher
PE Head / Athletic Director
Spanish Teacher
Mandarin Teacher
High School English Language Arts Teacher
Counselor (SEN and College)

Our teachers are fully dedicated personnel with their students as their first interest. They hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree and hold or are progressing towards a teaching certificate. They are required to maintain certification and engage in ongoing professional development. They are under the direct supervision of the Principal in their section. APU teachers prepare for each day’s teaching with clear lesson plans. Because of their dedication to their students, they do not take sick leave or personal leave unnecessarily. They are professional and are not content to turn their students over to a “sub for the day” if they can avoid it.

They decide on and implement a variety of learning experiences. They serve as facilitator and moderator in the classroom, not only as a provider of information and as subject matter specialist.

Teachers maintain a full-time weekly teaching load and are expected to collaborate with team members, support teachers, curriculum leaders, counselors, administrators, parents, and members of the community to develop, implement, evaluate, and monitor grade-level and school- wide plans related to teaching and learning.

Teachers are expected to attend scheduled faculty meetings, curriculum meetings, and grade- level meetings and any other meetings as dictated by professional obligations. Teachers also sponsor after school activities as part of contractual requirements. They are punctual to school, to lessons and to duties.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Organizes, constructs, and communicates lessons clearly, having a syllabus and purposeful plan for each course that is revised over time as the course and program develop
Incorporates appropriate and varied methods, materials, and technologies into teaching
Incorporates topics appropriate to the developmental needs and age of students
Returns students’ work in a timely fashion with prescriptive comments
Stresses effective oral and written communication in all classes, and encourages careful listening skills
Continues professional development in both subject matter and methods of teaching
Utilizes challenging, thoughtful, fair, and varied tools appropriate to the objectives of the course for assessing student progress and evaluating student achievement
Collaborates with department colleagues, grade level colleagues, and department head to deliver a program that is consistent with school-wide expectations and standards
Engages and encourages students in the active process of learning and holds students accountable for their actions and learning
Holds high expectations for all students and communicates these clearly and regularly
Understands and is compassionate to adolescent realities
Treats students equitably, is interested in them as individuals, and responds to their needs
Actively engages in the life of the school as a student advisor and club mentor
Responds to evaluations from supervisors and students professionally and constructively

Key Qualifications:
• 2+ years of international school teaching experience preferred
• Teaching certification or Degree in Pedagogy
• Bachelors, Masters preferred
• Demonstrated knowledge and continuous growth in both content and pedagogy
• Commitment to academic excellence, exceptional teaching, lifelong learning, and facilitating the success of all students

Scale: ₫46,300,000 - ₫75,000,000 / month

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