Community Guidelines

Welcome to the SchooPed community. We recognize how important it is for SchooPed to be a safe place where schools feel empowered to post jobs, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, and hire talents, and teachers are empowered to connect to new teaching opportunities, showcase their skills, achievements and talent, research schools, review schools, and get hired. Our goal is to allow users to express themselves freely as long as it doesn’t offend others. We follow very basic instructions and guidelines to ensure the authenticity, transparency, and the value of our shared content or information. Our guidelines apply around the world to all types of content.

  • We require email verification from a permanent, active email address for each user submitting the content
  • We want our users to be real, who provide their real names and accurate information about themselves. It is not fine to provide misleading information about yourself or your qualifications, experiences, and achievements on SchooPed
  • We want our users to be honest, outspoken, and respectful. Do not post jobs, add videos, or share other content in a manner that is intended to be misleading or inaccurate
  • We never alter or delete the user submitted content on SchooPed
  • We strive to maintain a safe and friendly community for our users. The services shouldn't be used to harm others or to air personal grievances and disputes
  • We do not allow users to use the services to harass, abuse, or send other unwelcome communications (e.g., romantic advances, sexually explicit content, junk mail, spam, chain letters, and phishing schemes)
  • We do not allow hate speech acts like attacking people because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical condition
  • We do not allow users to post content containing nudity, sexually explicit material, or pornography. You also may not post content that threatens sexual violence or sexual assault or promote escort services, prostitution, or human trafficking
  • We do not allow content depicting or promoting instructional weapon making, drug abuse, and threats of theft
  • We do not allow content or activities that promote or encourage suicide or any type of self-injury, including self-mutilation and eating disorders
  • We do not allow organizations or groups that engage in or promote violence or property damage, organized criminal activity, prejudice, or hate. Content that depicts terrorist activity, that is intended to recruit for terrorist organizations, or promotes or supports terrorism in any manner, is not tolerated in the use of our services
  • We respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not allow copyright infringement. You may not violate the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights
  • We believe the use of our services, defined in Terms of Use, must comply with all applicable laws, including, without limitation, privacy laws, intellectual property laws, anti-spam laws, tax laws, and regulatory requirements. You may not use the services to create or operate a pyramid scheme, engage in fraud, or to sell or promote illegal drugs. Also, don't use the services to intentionally distribute viruses, worms or other software that can destroy or interrupt others' data or computer devices.


All of our users must adhere to follow these guidelines, as well as SchooPed Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. SchooPed holds the right to remove a job post, added video, and other shared content at any time if found inappropriate and notifies them by email. The content approved and posted on SchooPed are individual opinions of SchooPed users and not of SchooPed.

Everyone on SchooPed plays a part in keeping the platform safe and respectful. We ask people to share responsibly and to let us know when they see something that may breach our community guidelines. We make it easy for people to report potentially breaching content, including profiles, jobs, individual content to us for review. Please keep in mind that reporting a piece of content does not guarantee that it will be removed from the site.

The consequences for breaching our community guidelines vary depending on the severity of the breach and user history on the platform. For instance, we may warn someone for a first breach, but if they continue to breach our policies, we may restrict their ability to post content on SchooPed or disable their profile. We may also notify law enforcement when we believe that there is a genuine risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety.

Our community guidelines, which we will continue to develop over time, serve as a guide for how to act and react on SchooPed. It is in this spirit that we ask members of the SchooPed community to follow these guidelines.