Are you Smart, Determined, Committed, & Disciplined?

SchooPed Careers

We are committed to transform the hiring space for Schools, internationally. For this, we require a strong team of resourceful, motivated & skilled talents.

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Why work with us?

Work from Home

Irrespective of the profile you have, once you are a member of the SchooPed family, your life becomes easy at various levels. You will enjoy supple engagement arrangements, ones that suit you. For instance, all our employees work from home permanently.

Grow as you earn

We give you space, we encourage improvisation. We do not impose profile restrictions on you. We let your ideas breathe, however unrelated to your domain those may be. SchooPed is an unparalleled platform to discover you and let you grow.

Room for error

We have put a lot of thought into our structure, behavior and modus operandi. We promote experimentation. Also, we understand and acknowledge how crucial failures are to experiments. There is always consideration at SchooPed for errors made during trials when the intentions are genuine.


We keep an eye on your learning curve. We have a separate budget for employee education which is rare in the corporate world. Growth entails learning and at SchooPed, you will learn.