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Primary School Teacher (grades 3-5)

Apni Shala

Mumbai, India
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    Preference : Citizens only
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    Salary : Not-disclosed
Start Work : Jul 2024

Highlights :

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    Job Type Full-time
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    Education Bachelor degree
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    B.ED./ PGCE / iPGCE Preferred
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    Experience 1 year
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    Major Relevant
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    Gender Any

Job description

● Deep commitment to work towards wellbeing and SEL of students and other stakeholders in the education system
● Ability to adapt and respond to difficult and uncertain circumstances
● Spirit of collaboration and trust in working with and supporting a team
● Inclination and openness to continuous learning, feedback and growth
● Ability to engage with and solve for inequity and exclusion with compassion
● Commitment to one’s own social emotional development and healing
● Ability and willingness to step in for responsibilities above and beyond the assigned role

Student learning
● Plan, design and develop experiences and activities that promote the academic, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of all the children
● Create a safe and caring environment for children that fosters learning
● Actively research and enrich facilitation/teaching skills through contemporary educational practices
● Use varying instructional and pedagogical practices to meet different learning needs
● Effectively use mediums of art, drama, stories, games, etc. to engage children in learning
following the framework provided in the curriculum
● Establish effective classroom procedures (transitions) and help create an SEL-aligned
environment in the classroom/school
● Clearly articulating learning expectations for students

● Thoughtfully design and implement inclusive and differentiated facilitation of formative, summative assessments of children's development cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically
● Continually monitor and evaluate children's performance, behavior, social development, and physical health
● Analyzing students learning growth and strategize differentiated support for learning and development of the students

Caregiver engagement
● Participate in caregiver meetings with the social worker
● Plan and facilitate all caregiver-teacher conferences through the year to share the progress of the child’s learning and development
● Visit homes of students towards building relationships and understanding context of students and families

Documentation and reporting
● Document all classroom activities by regularly recording attendance, photographs, session proceedings, etc in formats/software provided
● Create reports on the progress of students you work with

Professional and administrative responsibilities
● Track and record all inventory with assistance from the helper and admin team at Apni Shala
● Ensure that space and resources in the class are used and maintained effectively
● Invite and engage volunteers assigned to the class
● Build meaningful relationships with various stakeholders for advancing organisational vision
● Co-plan and execute school-based events with the Khoj/Apni Shala team
● Attend all meetings with the school team and organizational level meetings
● Support and participate in continuations of students’ learning by substituting in the across the school as per the need.
● Planning and making teaching resources as per the plans and the need of the learning experiences for the students

Self and Peer/Team Development
● Work towards personal and professional development (PD) goals of self and peers by actively and particiatorganizational PDs and other relevant workshops/courses or reading and researching on relevant themes, co-planning and collective work
● Facilitate supervision meetings with teaching interns aimed at building a practice of reflection, personal and professional development
● Participate in supervision meetings facilitated by your supervisor aimed at building a practice of reflection, personal and professional development
● Participate in review processes for the team and self
● Participate in practice-based resources (articles, videos, podcasts, etc) are produced by Apni Shala team

Organizational development
● Participate in resource mobilisation, fundraising, advocacy, communications, culture building and other related activities as guided by the organisation

Partnership and Relationship Development with Government Stakeholders
● Build healthy relationships with government staff in the school
● Work with the team to ensure government regulations and compliance requirements are met in a timely manner

● B.Ed/D.Ed or E.CC. ed degree
● Well developed oral and written communication in English
● Fluent conversational skills in Hindi and/or Marathi
● Familiarity and practice or experience with variety of art techniques and approaches to teach or facilitate the use of art
● Ability to build and nurture relationships with young learners of 4 to 12 years of age
● Fluency in using Microsoft office, Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides)
● Flexibility and ability to change as per contextual needs
● Ability to plan and problem solve to make context informed decision in the interest of student wellbeing and learning
● Proficiency in using Zoom, Google meet or other online platforms for facilitating online learning

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