Job Details

Commerce HOD

Euro School

Bengaluru, India
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    Preference : Citizens only
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    Salary : INR 45,000 / month
Start Work : Jul 2024

Highlights :

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    Job Type Full-time
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    Education Master degree
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    B.ED./ PGCE / iPGCE Mandatory
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    Experience 5 years
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    Major Relevant
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    Gender Any

Job Description

Job Title: Head of Department (HOD) - Commerce
Location: Euro School - HSR, Bangalore

Position Summary:

The Head of Department (HOD) - Commerce at Euro School - HSR will be responsible for providing academic leadership and strategic direction for the Commerce department. The HOD will oversee curriculum development, instructional delivery, and student assessment, ensuring the highest standards of excellence in teaching and learning. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Commerce education, proven leadership abilities, and a passion for nurturing students' academic and personal growth.

Key Responsibilities:

Curriculum Development: Develop and review the Commerce curriculum in alignment with curriculum standards, educational objectives, and industry trends, ensuring relevance and rigor.
Instructional Leadership: Provide instructional leadership to the Commerce faculty, including planning and implementing effective teaching strategies, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, and promoting student engagement and success.
Faculty Development: Support the professional growth and development of Commerce faculty through mentoring, coaching, and facilitating professional development opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and conferences.
Student Support: Oversee the academic progress and well-being of Commerce students, providing guidance, support, and intervention as needed to ensure their success.
Assessment and Evaluation: Develop and implement assessment strategies to measure student learning outcomes, monitor progress, and inform instructional planning and intervention strategies.
Collaboration and Communication: Foster collaboration and communication among Commerce faculty, students, parents, and other stakeholders to promote a positive and supportive learning environment.
Resource Management: Manage departmental resources effectively, including budget allocation, procurement of instructional materials and resources, and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
Curriculum Enhancement: Stay abreast of developments in Commerce education, curriculum trends, and instructional best practices, and incorporate innovative approaches to enhance the quality and relevance of the Commerce curriculum.


1.Master's degree in commerce and B.Ed. is Mandatory
2.Minimum of 5 years of teaching experience in Commerce at the secondary or higher secondary level.
3.Previous experience in a leadership or supervisory role, preferably as an HOD or subject coordinator.
4.Strong knowledge of Commerce curriculum standards, assessment practices, and educational technologies.
5.Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
6.Ability to inspire and motivate faculty and students to achieve academic excellence.
7.Commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment that promotes student success and well-being.

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