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Top Five Highest Paying Countries For Teachers in Southeast Asia - 2022

October 13, 2022 | Posted by Team SchooPed

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Teaching jobs in Southeast Asia are known globally to be some of the best opportunities for teachers to take their careers to the next possible level. For beginners to get their feet wet in the field, or better yet, for travellers to share their skills while they are travelling the world. However, when seeking teaching jobs in Southeast Asia, individuals are often overwhelmed by the many available options. 

Did you know in some countries like Thailand and India, teachers earn up to 175% of their country's GDP per capita, signalling that they earn more than an average person? 

To support all aspiring and experienced teachers find their dream destination, below is a list of the best-paying countries for teaching abroad in Asia.

1. Singapore
Singapore’s education and healthcare industries are commonly among the most substantial and most successful in the world, as a heavily developed market economy, and because of this, having teaching experience in Singapore is extremely impressive on a resume. The average salary that a teacher gets is USD 2753 /month, which is a handsome amount.

2. Vietnam
Vietnam’s economic growth rate is globally among the highest, which increases the number of available teaching jobs and makes it easy for teachers to find work. With the goal to have students use English in daily communications, Vietnam even has a foreign language project in place, so the demand for hiring solutions for schools for ESL teachers is high year-round. One can expect a salary of USD 1164-1746/month in private language centres.

3. Thailand
Formerly known as Siam, The Kingdom of Thailand has a huge demand for native English teachers. In Thailand, the range of teaching jobs includes everything from short to long-term placement programs, private and public schools, summer camps, language schools, and the option to work with students of all ages. Teaching in Thailand means plenty of opportunities for travel and adventure. The average base pay that’s given to a teacher in the country is USD 1318 /month.

4. Indonesia
Indonesia’s economic growth, much like neighbouring Malaysia, has produced positive changes in the education sector. There are plenty of available teaching jobs all over the country, but at the same time, Indonesia is affordable and gorgeous! With an incredible network of 252 million people and over 17,000 islands, it’s deemed the second most bio-diverse region in the world. Islam is the major religion in this country, so teachers should take care in learning the basics. The basic pay of a teacher in Indonesia is USD 840/month, per a survey.

5. India 
Teaching is indeed one of the most sought and respectable professions in India. Being the fastest growing economy, the Indian government can invest more resources into the educational infrastructure to better the hiring solutions for schools. According to Talent, the average salary of an entry-level teacher is USD 352/month which makes it a satisfying career for all those aspiring to become one.

We anticipate that this article helped you understand the prospects of the teaching sector in Southeast Asian countries.

So, which country of these are you planning to apply in?

SchooPed offers you multiple country alternatives in India & Southeast Asia to work as a teacher. Schools located in the region can even book a free session to learn the hiring solutions SchooPed offers.


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