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Hire the Best Talents for Your School by Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

December 15, 2022 | Posted by Team SchooPed

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If you're in charge of hiring for an international school in Singapore, you know that hiring teachers from other countries can be challenging. Finding the right teaching candidate with the right skills, qualifications, and experience is critical to increasing student achievement, increasing enrollment, and, ultimately, allowing your school to thrive in the competitive international education landscape.

This entails doing everything possible throughout the hiring process to ensure that teachers are hired for the right reasons. Perhaps you are frequently under pressure to hire quickly, even if you believe you still need to find the right person. We all know from experience that hurried decisions often result in bad hires and, as a result, lower employee retention. So, avoid common blunders when hiring for a single school or a group.

3 Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Hire the Best Talents

Creating a vague job description

It's worthwhile to take the time to write your job descriptions; the days of dry, generic descriptions are long gone. Candidates expect more from job postings and will only gain interest if they are well-crafted to appeal to your ideal candidate. Weak job descriptions have been shown to result in smaller candidate pools and may deter great candidates from working at your school.

Instead, use a clear, concise title that is search engine optimized. Keep the job summary as brief as possible. Remember to include important information such as salary, benefits, and growth opportunities for teachers at your school - this is especially important for international teaching candidates. A job description that attracts interested and informed candidates should also highlight your school's culture, mission, and values.

Being overly strict in your requirements

Many hiring schools are set on candidates having specific skills and experience and will ignore applications that fall outside their predetermined list of qualifications. Narrowing the pool of candidates to rigidly specific qualifications, educational backgrounds, skills, and experience levels, on the other hand, may result in the loss of a highly effective teaching candidate.

Someone with all the right qualities for the job may need to be a better fit for your school's culture. Consider extending an interview to someone other than the person you had in mind. Hire the best talents for potential rather than years of experience.

Insufficient net casting

It is critical to broadening your recruiting efforts to reach the largest pool of candidates. In today's mobile-first job market, you must be creative in your search for the best international teaching talent. Posting job openings on your school's website is no longer sufficient.

Instead, a job board dedicated to international education professionals is a great way to get your jobs seen by active, qualified job seekers. Many international education recruitment firms have a strong social media presence. They can promote your job posting for teaching jobs in Singapore to their teacher followers, ensuring that the broadest possible audience can view and apply to your opening for a teaching career in Singapore.

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By focusing on these hiring risks, you can keep candidates engaged, spend less time sourcing new candidates, and avoid losing high-quality candidates during the process. Sign up to SchooPed to hire the best teaching talents.


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